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donate your used cans & we'll send you a free candle or a 10% discount code!

Being eco-conscious is at the heart of everything we here do at Leaf Candle Co. All of our candles are made from upcycled tin cans!

We'd love if you could help us to continue our goal of being an eco-friendly candle company.

Would you be interested in saving your used tins for us?


cans that we use:

Generally all sizes (we run limited edition candles in odd sizes) however the ones we use the most are:

- "TINY TINS" 95g tuna (or similar)

- "LARGE CANS" 400ml/400g cans (tinned tomato, corn, beans, most canned vegetables, coconut milk + soooo many others)


we would be eternally grateful + in return we will send you a free tiny tin candle or a 10% discount code as a thank you!

We hope it's not too much to ask: if you could collect a minimum of 12 Tiny Tins or 4 of Larger Cans before you send them to us.

Please send your tins to:

Leaf Candle Co.
Pascoe Vale South
VIC 3044


Bring your tins along to one of our markets (follow us on Instagram for market updates @leafcandleco).

Don't forget to email us at a copy of your receipt and we'll reimburse your postage costs as well.


thank you!